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Double-hung windows are some of the most common types of windows, with both the upper and lower sashes having the ability to open for ventilation. Double-hung windows are the most traditional style of window design. Since both sashes on the double-hung windows are able to tilt in, they are very easy to clean from the inside or out. A constant force balance makes them very smooth and easy to operate. The Double-Hung Windows at 1st Rate Construction have fusion-welded frames and fiberglass reinforcements for added strength and durability. This classic design and excellent construction will keep your windows looking and operating great for a lifetime.

New replacement windows can be a beautiful addition while adding value to your home and helping you save money by increasing your home’s heating & cooling efficiency. Our double-hung windows are constructed from vinyl frames with Low-E glass which allow them to better control heat loss. The vinyl frame forms a better seal that prevents heat loss through leakage and the Low-E glass strips the heat from waves of sunlight to prevent extra heat from entering a home.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

  • Air Circulation -- One of the top benefits of a double-hung window is easily the amount of air they allow to circulate through your home. On summer days when the temperature climbs into the 80s, the cross-breeze enabled by double-hung windows can be hugely beneficial. Older homes will benefit from circulating fresh air through the interior to minimize condensation.
  • Many Colors -- There is a large selection of colors to ensure your window frames work seamlessly for your home’s exterior and interior.
  • Easy to Clean -- Double-hung windows have the added bonus of being easy to clean and maintain. Because they tilt inwards, you gain easy access to all parts of the window for easy and regular cleaning. Never scrape, caulk or paint again!
  • Energy Efficiency -- Energy efficiency is a high priority for most homeowners. An energy-efficient window choice, like double-hung windows, can reduce moisture, lower risk of air leaks, and improve the ability to keep your home warm in winter and dry in summer.

Another benefit of Double Hung Windows is double glazing. Double glazing uses two ultra-thin glass panels that sandwich an insulative gas filling. The inert gas between the two glass panels acts as a buffer for hot or cold outside air getting into your home. As more homes opt for double or even triple glazing of their windows for energy efficiency, double-hung windows become nearly unbeatable for energy efficiency, noise reduction, and minimizing condensation. We offer both double-pane & triple-pane windows.

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