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The construction or installation of a new flat roof on your home is more than just a good decision, it’s good business. Not only will a new flat roof add aesthetic value to your property, but it will help with heating and cooling costs too. There’s no doubt that a new roof installation can be a pricey choice, but, and this is true, you could actually save money over the lifetime of the roofing. When you add up all of the repair costs and possible damage caused by a potential failure, you see that the once-prohibitive costs of new roofing could be minimal when compared to the negative impacts inherent in pushing an old flat roof past its prime.

1st Rate Construction has been installing all types of flat roofs since 2007 and has yet to meet a residential home, apartment, or townhouse we couldn’t handle. We have the expertise and the resources to ensure your new flat roof is everything it’s advertised to be, so make sure you get the best quality workmanship and finest products available.

New Flat Roof Installation

The sheets of material used to cover a flat roof are typically known as rubber roofs. They serve one primary purpose, waterproofing. These materials, when properly installed by the experts 1st Rate Construction, help in the removal of water and snow from your flat roof through their slope and direct that runoff to the appropriate area for drainage. The materials used to cover most flat roofs are rubber. Without the proper installation techniques, flat roofing can cause as many problems as it solves. This has led to flat roofing having a less-than-stellar reputation among homeowners and property owners across the Michiana area. When properly installed, flat roofing is among the finest roofing you’ll find anywhere. We’ve installed thousands of square feet of flat roofing across the Michiana area and we know exactly how to get the results you’re looking for. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on everything we do, so your new flat roof installation is absolutely worry-free.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

The biggest advantage of a flat roof is the expense. From building and installing to the materials commonly used for flat roofs, they are relatively cheap. It makes a flat roof very affordable for both installation and upkeep and maintenance. Labor is cheaper due to less risk while installing a flat roof. Installation of flat roofs is quicker and easier. There are fewer damage and repair costs over the lifespan of the roof. Installing things like solar panels, which save on electricity, and satellites makes repairs and cleaning gutters less expensive and easier to accomplish on flat roofs.

The 2nd advantage is space can be used for other purposes. Air conditioning units can be put on the roof instead of the ground. Flat roof solar racking installed on a flat roof is less evident from the ground than a sloped roof. You can design a living roof that becomes an outdoor lounge area to relax or barbecue, or plant a garden on the rooftop. The list of possibilities for utilizing a flat roof is nearly endless.

A flat roof also makes interior space more versatile. Top-floor apartments and finished attics are possibilities without the sloped walls produced by traditional pitched roofs. In homes that need maximum interior space, flat roofs are a significant advantage.

Flat roofs are typically more accessible than roofs that are sloped. They are easier to climb upon to inspect. Care and caution should be taken any time a person climbs on a roof. Flat roofs are easier to check and much safer. Flat roofs are substantially more stable than slanted roofs when the building is small.

They have an architectural appeal. In the right setting, they are economical as long as they are adequately maintained. Because flat roofs are quicker to install, the wait to move in is shorter. If repairs or replacements are needed down the road, re-roofing is relatively painless and quick.

If you need your flat roof to be replaced, then call 1st Rate Construction today & schedule an appointment. Since 2007, we have been installing quality new flat roofs in the Michiana area.

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